In keeping with our philosophy of eliminating unnecessary and unnatural ingredients, we put a great deal of thought into our use of emulsifiers, colors, scents and preservatives, which are the only classes of ingredients we use that are not intended to have a direct benefit to skin or hair, but that we fully believe are necessary.


Emulsifiers are substances that bind water and oil, and are essential in the making of any type of lotion, or any other product where ingredients (such as caffeine) that can can only be dissolved in water are used alongside oils. Beauty industry-standard emulsifiers are made from petroleum byproducts, and can be recognized because they have PEG somewhere in the name. Here at Lacewing & Kettle, we have curated a short list of natural alternatives,  that are either naturally occurring  — such as the edible lecithin and xanthan gum —  or derived from plant materials — such as sorbitan olivate, which is obtained from reacting a naturally occurring sugar alcohol with the naturally occurring fatty acids in olive.


We thought long and hard about the decision of whether or not to include true preservatives in our products, as opposed to traditional ‘alternatives’ such as Vitamin E or grapefruit seed extract. But after extensive research [link] we determined that as attractive as these alternatives sound, the science is unequivocal that these traditional alternatives do not provide sufficient protection from the growth of harmful pathogens. As a result, we could not conscionably rely on such ingredients to ensure that our products are, and remain, safe to use for a reasonable amount of time.  We therefore looked at length for a naturally-derived and safe preservative that would provide the level of safety our customers deserve. The preservative that we ultimately chose [link] is natural identical, meaning that it is chemically identical to naturally occurring compounds, and in INCI nomenclature, is termed a “fragrance.” You can identify its presence in our products by the inclusion of the term “fragrance” in our ingredient lists.


All of the products we offer that are intended for use on delicate facial skin and hair contain no colorants. Our Exfoliating Rosettes [link] that are intended for less frequent use on less delicate areas contain natural pigments such as rose (kaolin) clay.


Similarly, our facial and hair products contain either no fragrance beyond that naturally occurring as a result of the ingredients used, or sparing use of high grade essential oils. In contrast, our Exfoliating Rosettes contain carefully vetted fragrance oils. You can see which products contain such additives by checking the ingredients lists available on the product page, and if you’re still not certain, please reach out.