Our skin puts up with a lot. Stronger radiation from thinning ozone, polluted air, chemically treated water, hormone-laced foods. A lot happens to our skin and bodies before we even so much as look at a tube of mascara. And while many of us know that we have to take extra care of the our largest organ to put it back into a natural balance, it remains hard to find products that actually work but are not laced with yet more harsh chemicals.

At Lacewing & Kettle, we solve this conundrum by embracing a seemingly bigger dichotomy: we scour to our shared global history and traditions for gentle, natural solutions, and then rigorously vet our findings in the crucible of modern science to craft effective skincare from the highest quality of ingredients — with no extras.

Only What’s Needed

What do we mean by no extras? We mean that we rely solely on ingredients that actually benefit your skin, resorting to a carefully curated list of emulsifiers, scents, colors and preservatives only when absolutely necessary. We go to painstaking lengths to create effective products that do not contain “extras” that modify the feel of the product but offer no benefit to your skin and hair.  We do not want to create products that are laden with surfactants and texturizers that make the product look nice in the jar or feel nice on your hand, but then build up on your skin and hair, clogging them with yet more chemicals.