All About Exfoliation Guide.

Welcome to Part VII of our exfoliation guide!

This section covers the use of enzymes as a chemical exfoliant. The use of enzymes in exfoliation is an even more recent trend than the use of acids.

It works by dissolving the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to be easily dissolved and sloughed off, and its main selling point is that it is marketed as being even more gentle than acid exfoliation and doing nothing to disrupt your skin's pH balance, which can be a concern with poorly-formulated acid-based chemical exfoliants, or the failure to use a high-quality toner & moisturizer post-exfoliation.

Three enzymes dominate the market at present: bromelein, papain, and cucurbita pepo. We highly recommend this rather complete guide from Beautiful With Brains, although we want to note that this guide does recommend specific products, which we over here at L&K have not specifically tested, and have no position on.