Gloves & PotionLacewing & Kettle grew out of one woman’s quest for self care products that are not only made from real, natural ingredients but also realistically affordable for the majority of budgets. When she finally realized that the acne and oily face wouldn’t magically go away on its own on her 20thbirthday like some sort of glass slipper in reverse, our Chief Executive Wise Woman began her personal quest for better skin care.

Slowly finding that many mass market products merely mask underlying problems for a short duration, in some cases even further aggravating problems in the process, and that many natural products were either too expensive, or lacked the seeming efficacy of mass market products, our CEWW began experimenting with all things DIY, from coffee hair stains, to sodium bentonite clay masks. As her knowledge and confidence grew, so did her fascination with the growing intersection between traditional – sometimes ancient – practices and the modern medical research finally testing their efficacy.

This blending of the mystical, mythological and magical with cold hard science is what drives us today. We reach deep into the past for inspiration and guidance and hold it up to the light of modern understanding to bring you a little magic in every bottle.